Photo: Felix Grünschloß
Three years ago, the Schauspiel Frankfurt begun a mono-dramatic series about Frankfurt under the direction of Anselm Weber. Authors meet with people from the city and edit their biographies into a poetic text that is presented by an actress or an actor. The aim of the format is to transcribe reality poetically. No documentary theatre is created, instead a literary exaggeration and a theatrical figure. The combination of documentary research, poetic overwriting and staged presentation are integral to this project. Over a span of three years, a dramatic kaleidoscope of this city has emerged.

The director of the Literaturhaus Frankfurt, Hauke Hückstädt and Marion Tiedtke, the head of dramaturgy at the Schauspiel Frankfurt, have selected renowned authors, most of whom are working for the theatre for the first time. Wilhelm Genazino, Olga Grjasnowa and Teresa Präauer wrote parts 1 to 3 followed by Anja Rávik Strubel, Thomas Pletzinger and Angelika Klüssendorf who busied themselves with parts 4 to 6.

During the 2019/20 season, three different lives from Frankfurt will again be the focus of our series. The authors will meet people from Frankfurt and produce a mono-drama from these encounters. Each biography becomes a solo for one actor of our ensemble and they could be a stewardess, speculator, hotel manager, defence lawyer or landlady. We have once again chosen three authors who, like their predecessors, will be writing for the Schauspiel Frankfurt for the first time. Martin Mosebach, Büchner Prize winner and currently one of the most important contemporary authors, writes about an ageing artist. Lars Brandt traces the life of a Frankfurt politician and the well-known author Zsuzsa Bánk meets a man before a funeral procession. At the end of this three year series, we want to present all nine mono-dramas to show the diverse and kaleidoscopic life this city has to offer.
The series is a collaboration with the Literaturhaus Frankfurt.



Anselm Weber

Stage Design and Video
Philip Bußmann

Mareike Wehrmann

Thomas Osterhoff

Ursula Thinnes

Anna Kubin, Christina Geiße