Photo: Thomas Aurin
Three people are locked in a room. Pneumonia, gas, and twelve bullets. These are the ways in which they died before they were brought here by an obscure valet. They know where they are: Hell. A game of power and betrayal, of desire and hatred begins. Layer by layer, they reveal their past lives and atrocities. As different as Inès, Estelle and Garcin are, they share a common struggle: who are they, what do they want to be and how do they want to be seen? Who am I, who are the others? Depending on the shifting perspective, new aspects of their existences appear.
Sartre wrote »No Exit« in 1944 under German occupation in Paris. The hell in which his three antagonists find themselves, is for him the human condition, a borderline situation from which there seems to be no escape. Equally bitter and funny is Garcin's conclusion: »Well then, let's get on with it…«





Premiere 30 November 2019

1 hour 50 minutes, no intermission
Johanna Wehner

Stage Design
Volker Hintermeier

Ellen Hofmann

Felix Johannes Lange

Ursula Thinnes

Patrycia Ziolkowska (Inès)
Anna Kubin (Estelle)
Matthias Redlhammer (Garcin)
Heidi Ecks (Valet)