Photo: Birgit Hupfeld
Ibsen's hero is a preacher and a believer who is not afraid to expose the world's darker side: the egoism of the people on the one hand and the double standards of the church on the other. By denouncing worldly pleasures and compelling people to lead a virtuous life, his faith becomes more and more fanatical. So much so that he fails to comfort his mother before her death, favours building a large church instead of caring for his dying son and causes the dead of his wife by forcing her to give up her dead son's clothes. But what can save the world? Faith is more than an act of will, salvation can only be achieved through love. That is the divine message in Brand’s last hour. The dramatic poem, translated by Hinrich Schmidt-Henkel into today's prose version, explores how man fights against a will that demands »all or nothing«, thereby only destroying himself.





Premiere 12 October 2019

3 hours, one intermission