The forest of Arden attracts refugees of all kinds. One of them is the old Duke who uses the forest to escape his ruling duties. Meanwhile, at home, his brother is trying to steal the throne and threatens all who get in his way with exile. Due to the conditions in court, Orlando, Rosalind, and Celia escape to the forest with the fool Touchstone, who is not spared by various amorous entanglements. Nothing, it seems, survives in Arden, least of all love but nobody seems to care. Is the fool right in the end? Does life in the realm of freedom lead to dementia?
In »As you like it«, Shakespeare develops perhaps the strangest of all his fantasy worlds, a place whose bucolic idyll deceives and whose magic is solely that it lets all conflicts from the outside world persist in tiny bubbles so to speak.

Premiere 11 September 2020
Fri 11.09.2020 19.30
David Bösch

Patrick Bannwart, Larissa Kramarek

Moana Stemberger

Karsten Riedel

Alexander Leiffheidt

Peter Schröder (Herzog / Frederik)
Karsten Riedel
Sebastian Reiß (Jacques / Touchstone)
André Meyer (Charles)
Isaak Dentler
Michael Schütz (Adam / Silvius)
Sarah Grunert (Rosalinde)
Agnes Kammerer (Celia)
Altine Emini (Phebe)