Photo: Jessica Schäfer
Will we fly around the world in cars? Will we have overcome mortality and national statehood? Will there still be people in 1994? In 1949 Alexander Wolkow's science fiction novel »1994« was published. The title switches the last two digits of 1949 to 1994 as an allusion to a future that at that time seemed remote, but nevertheless closely linked with the contemporary present. The novel tells the story of five cosmonauts and a dog sent into space in a Soyuz in 1994 with the purpose to enter a time warp, to stay young and to secure humanity's knowledge for future generations. In their new project, Nele Stuhler and Jan Koslowski explore the future with our actors as their cosmonauts. All they have to prepare for their return is the novel »1994« but it is suddenly 2019. Humanity still exists, but its glorious future is already history.





Premiere 06 December 2019

1 hour 50 minutes, no intermission