Photo: Robert Schittko
Franz and Karl are brothers, and they want money. Their parents, Otto and Linde have nothing to give away and anxiously await the arrival of the dreaded sons. The sons only want their inheritance, whichthey are entitled to but this is just not possible. Nothing will be inherited, nothing will be passed on. Ewald Palmetshofer is the master of damaged figures. With lyrical and broken language, bitter irony and grim jokes he crafts an apocalyptic story of late capitalism, the anti-sustainability, from that there can be no escape, for no generation, for no one. The story has even more relevance in 2018 than at the premier in Vienna in 2012. With current topics centring around growing debt and the oversight of banks, this piece being performed in the shadow of the banking towers has real resonance. The Schauspiel Frankfurt is proud to introduce the author's work to Frankfurt.