Photo: Øyvind Eide
Henrik Ibsen’s early drama is a feminist battle cry and a family tragedy. Hjørdis is an archetype for Ibsen: she understands that she lives in a failed marriage and revenges the lie that surrounds her proudly and passionately. The young and upcoming director Eline Arbo sets the events from the Viking Age into a post-apocalyptic age, where our notions of rights and equality become unstable. How can one survive in an extreme world, where everyone must fight for what is theirs? Eline Arbo is from Tromsø, a small town above the Polar Circle in North Norway. After studying drama at the University of Oslo, Arbo moved to Amsterdam to study Management at the Amsterdam School of Theatre. During her final year she completed an internship at the Toneelgroep Amsterdam on the production of »The year of cancer«, directed by Luk Perceval. For her production of »The Sorrows of Young Werther« Arbo won the BNG Bank Theatre Award 2018.



16. and 17. October 2019
Eline Arbo

Olav Myrtvedt

Alva Brosten

Light design
Agnethe Tellefsen

Nina König

Hege Randi Tørressen

Bernard Arnø, Erland Bakker, Heidi Goldmann, Mathias Luppichini, Anders Mordal, Kjersti Tveterås