Photo: Birgit Hupfeld
Around 480 BC, the largest Asiatic army set out to attack the Greeks. The Greek army were heavily outnumbered but they launched a surprise attack in the strait of Salamis and the Persians were brutally crushed. Nearly 300,000 were killed which deprived the nation for generations to come. Aeschylus summarizes this historical event in a dense, richly illustrated narration. His tragedy reflects on the position of a man, who in his presumption of ambition and self-esteem destroys everything around him. The Persian king returns home without royal clothes, naked and defenceless like the rest of his men. In the end, the power of survival lies in the common complaint of the vanquished. Aeschylus presents man in his vulnerability through the experience of pain and only from this can a modern, humane state emerge.





Premiere 28 September 2018
Director and Stage Design
Ulrich Rasche

Co-Director / Choir Leader
Toni Jessen, Jürgen Lehmann

Ari Benjamin Meyers

Musical Leader
Nico van Wersch

Assistance Stage
Sabine Mäder

Sara Schwartz

Philip Bußmann

Marion Tiedtke

Katja Bürkle, Valery Tscheplanowa, Patrycia Ziolkowska, Max Bretschneider, Torsten Flassig, Samuel Simon, Andreas Vögler, David Campling, Pascal Gross, Harald Horváth, Toni Jessen, Max Koch, Julian Melcher, Sam Michelson, Johannes Nussbaum, Justus Pfankuch, Yannik Stöbener, Alexander Vaassen, Guillaume Francois, Arturas Miknaitis, Katelyn King (Marimba, Viraphone), Thomsen Merkel (Bass), Spela Mastnak (Percussion), Maria del Mar Mendivil Colom (Bratsche), Benjamin Lüdtke