Photo: Arno Declair
Ewald Palmetshofer is one of the most important contemporary playwrights in the German-speaking countries. In this play, he sets his sights on today’s middle class: by marrying into a mechanical engineering company, the young entrepeneur Hoffmann has secured social advancement, which he now flanks with right-wing populist theses. His friend Loth, a left-wing journalist, suddenly appears and tries to expose him through his research. His wife swings between motherhood happiness and depression, whereas her unsuccessful single sister seeks temporary shelter in her parent’s home. Everyone struggles for a perspective in this night, brought to an end by the rising sun which exposes the true conditions.





Premiere 1. February 2019
Thu 30.05.2019 19.30 – 21.50
Fri 31.05.2019 19.30 – 21.50
Sat 29.06.2019 19.30 – 21.50