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Emilia Galotti

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing / Directed by David Bösch
With english surtitles: 07. December, 19:30, 26. January, 19:30
The law trumps power. This is the basis of democracy and allows us to enjoy privacy in our lives. But the law is abstract and bureaucratic. Some people are pining for strong leaders who rule by decree, disregarding the law when it suits them – and their numbers are growing. »He who does not respect the law is as powerful as he who has no law,« observes Odoardo, whose daughter has caught the attention of the Prince. But Emilia has been promised to another, the Count Appiani. In order that his master can attain this woman, the politician Marinelli plans to kidnap Emilia and murder Appiani on their wedding day. Power takes what it wants. Lessing’s drama examines the incursion of despotism into the private sphere.

»It is a careful staging that very precisely demonstrates the utter self-destruction of the bourgeois individual. The whole thing is  thrillingly played and is simply a very intense theater evening.« (Hessischer Rundfunk)

Schauspiel Frankfurt offers plays with English surtitles every month

In this season we offer seven different plays with English surtitles on selected days: »The Persians« (Aischylos), »Emilia Galotti« (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing), »Before Dawn« (Ewald Palmetshofer / Gerhart Hauptmann), »Richard III« (William Shakespeare), »Woyzeck« (Georg Büchner), »All my sons« (Arthur Miller) and »Peer Gynt« (Henrik Ibsen). You will find the days of performance here. Please note also the schedule for our complete programme. We are looking forward to welcoming you at Schauspiel Frankfurt!

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The Persians

Aischylos / Directed by Ulrich Rasche
with English Surtitles : 16. December, 16:00

The oldest surviving drama portrays the Battle of Salamis over 2500 years ago, during which the great power of Persia was defeated by the Greeks. Through pain and lamentation for the dead, the poet teaches us humanity. Ulrich Rasche stages the richly illustrated, highly musical verses in an oratorio-like way with actors, singers and live music.

»In Ulrich Rasche’s new production of ›The Persians‹ by Aischylos, music and musicality are one of those bewitching sensations that draw us into a never before experienced theatrical pull. [...] what great pictures and scenes!« (Salzburger Nachrichten)

BEFORE DAWN – Vor Sonnenaufgang

by Ewald Palmetshofer, based on Gerhart Hauptmann / Directed by Roger Vontobel
With english surtitles in 2019
Ewald Palmetshofer is one of the most important contemporary playwrights in the German-speaking countries. In this play, he sets his sights on today’s middle class: by marrying into a mechanical engineering company, the young entrepeneur Hoffmann has secured social advancement, which he now flanks with right-wing populist theses. His friend Loth, a left-wing journalist, suddenly appears and tries to expose him through his research. His wife swings between motherhood happiness and depression, whereas her unsuccessful single sister seeks temporary shelter in her parent’s home. Everyone struggles for a perspective in this night, brought to an end by the rising sun which exposes the true conditions. (From February 2019)

Peer Gynt

Henrik Ibsen / Directed by Andreas Kriegenburg
with english surtitles in 2019
»Peer, you’re lying!« Ibsen’s dramatic poem about the dreamer and fantasist Peer Gynt starts with a tall tale about a hazardous ride on a reindeer. From this point, it is tall tales he uses throughout his life to escape reality. Ibsen unfurls this drama of the modern man in 1867, and with it he brings the question of the possibilities of human selfknowledge to a formula valid until today. (From May 2019)

Richard III

William Shakespeare / Directed by Jan Bosse
With english surtitles in 2019
There is nothing Richard desires more than to be King of England. He is a master of intrigue and betrayal, familiar with the ploys of battlefield and court. As he lets us in on his plans, we witness the ruthlessness and unfettered ambition of a murderous political player.

»Fantastic acting, magnificent scenes, cleverly adapted text, remarkable theatre.« (Deutschlandfunk)


Georg Büchner / Directed by Roger Vontobel
with english surtitles in 2019
»Woyzeck« is the most famous dramatic fragment in the history of theatre, and Georg Büchner the most famous playwright from Hesse. The world he describes in this play has descended into a nightmare of egomania and corruption. No purpose, no moral code has survived, and the god in whom Woyzeck believes has turned his back on his creation long ago.

»The director cast Jana Schulz, one of the most fragile, sensitive, excitable actresses currently on German stages, in the role of Woyzeck.« (Frankfurter Neue Presse)

All my sons

Arthur Miller
Directed by: Anselm Weber
with english surtitles in 2019
Arthur Miller’s play is a searing investigation of greed, guilt and lies underneath the veneer of respectable middle class life. Born in Harlem/New York in 1915, the American author is one of the most important playwrights of the 20th century. In 1947 he made his breakthrough on Broadway with »All My Sons«, followed by his most renowned play »Death of a Salesman« two years later.

»Loud and long applause at the end of 100 minutes of intense theatre.« (Ruhr Nachrichten)