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Arthur Miller
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Bernard-Marie Koltès
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Performances with english surtitles

Starting in November 2017, Schauspiel Frankfurt will offer plays with English surtitles every month. Please indicate whether you want a seat with surtitles when purchasing a ticket.
Tickets for December are available from 10.11., for January from 11.12. Looking forward to welcoming you at Schauspiel Frankfurt.

Next Performances:
»Woyzeck«, Su, 14.01. / Sa, 24.02.
»Richard III«, Su, 28.01. / We, 14.02.
»All my sons« Fr, 19.01. / Thu, 04.02.
With english surtitles

Richard III

William Shakespeare
Directed by: Jan Bosse
28. January / 14. February
There is nothing Richard desires more than to be King of England. He is a master of intrigue and betrayal, familiar with the ploys of  battlefield and court. As he lets us in on his plans, we witness the ruthlessness and unfettered ambition of a murderous political player.
»Fantastic acting, magnificent scenes, cleverly adapted text, remarkable theatre.« (Deutschlandfunk)
with english surtitles

All my sons

Arthur Miller
Directed by: Anselm Weber
19. January / 04. February
Arthur Miller’s play is a searing investigation of greed, guilt and lies underneath the veneer of respectable middle class life. Born in  Harlem/New York in 1915, the American author is one of the most important playwrights of the 20th century. In 1947, he made his breakthrough on Broadway with »All My Sons«, followed by his most renowned play »Death of a Salesman« two years later. »Loud and long applause at the end for 100 minutes of intense  theatre.« (Ruhr Nachrichten)
with english surtitles


Georg Büchner
Directed by: Roger Vontobel
14. January / 24. February
»Woyzeck« is the most famous dramatic fragment in the history  of theatre, and Georg Büchner the most famous playwright from Hesse. The world he describes in this play has descended into  a nightmare of egomania and corruption. No purpose, no moral code has survived, and the god in whom Woyzeck believes has  long since turned his back on his creation.
»The director cast Jana Schulz, one of the most fragile, sensitive,  excitable actresses currently on German stages, in the role of Woyzeck.«  (Frankfurter Neue Presse)