Photo: Birgit Hupfeld
Samuel Beckett's famous text is an evil farce about human existence. Vladimir and Estragon wait in vain for Godot, who will not come today, nor tomorrow. They wait in a transient situation. The unresolved waiting of the two protagonists Vladimir and Estragon reaches far beyond the stage. The existential loneliness of man reveals itself, the dependence on each other along with the senseless games of domination and bondage. Few texts possess such raw power. The play hides a deeply sad parable about a society without a destination. By means of the absurd, Beckett encounters horror in order to postulate the right to humanity.





Premiere 12. Januar 2019
Mon 27.05.2019 19.30 – 21.50
Fri 28.06.2019 19.30 – 21.50
Robert Borgmann, Bettina Werner, Philipp Weber, Carsten Rüger, Lukas Schmelmer

Isaak Dentler (Wladimir)
Max Mayer (Lucky)
Heiko Raulin (Pozzo)
Samuel Simon (Estragon)
Joel Borod / Shai Hoppe (Boy)