Photo: Jessica Schäfer
Cornelia Funke's children's book is a declaration of love for storytelling and the power of fantasy. Twelve year old Meggie loves books above everything else, just like her father Mo. With the sudden appearance of a stranger who goes by the name »Dustfinger« begins an adventurous journey into her world of books, into a world full of danger and secrets. When Meggie falls into the clutches of the rascals Basta, Flatnose and the diabolical Capricorn, she needs all her courage and wisdom. What power lies within the book »Inkheart«? Why does Capricorn wants to destroy all copies of it? What does her father have to do with it and why is he known as »Magic Tongue«?
As we read, stories begin to come alive in our mind. Sometimes it scares us and sometimes it's the biggest and most beautiful thing you can imagine. Rüdiger Pape’s production of »Inkheart« was received with so much enthusiasm in 2017 that we proudly present it again in this season.




Reproduction 10 November 2019

1 hour 30 minutes, no intermission
Rüdiger Pape

Staged Reproduction
Kornelius Eich

Stage Design and Costumes
Thomas Rump

Sebastian Herzfeld

Sami Bill

Ursula Thinnes

Uwe Zerwer (Mo)
Anna Sonnenschein (Meggie)
Florian Mania (Staubfinger)
Susanne Buchenberger (Elinor / Resa)
Andreas Vögler (Capricorn)
Leon Häder (Basta)
Eike Hackmann (Flachnase)
Roland Bayer (Fenoglio)
Dino Niethammer
Julia Pitsch (Farid)
Dino Niethammer, Julia Pitsch, Martin Georgi, Jan Reichert, Yauhen Sarmont