Witold Gombrowicz
directed by Mateja Koležnik
Premiere 06. September 2019
Henrik Ibsen
directed by Roger Vontobel
Premiere 12. October 2019
A Nick Cave evening with text and music by Katharina Bach and band aka bitchboy
Premiere autumn 2019
by Cornelia Funke
Directed by Rüdiger Pape
Resumption 10. November 2019
Jean-Paul Sartre
directed by Johanna Wehner
Premiere 30. November 2019
Ferdinand Schmalz
Jan Bosse
Premiere 31. January 2020
directed by Jan-Christoph Gockel
Premiere 22. February 2020
von John Steinbeck
directed by Roger Vontobel
Premiere 27. March 2020
Tina Müller and kids from »All Our Futures«
directed by Jessica Glause
Premiere 25. April 2020
William Shakespeare
Directed by David Bösch
Premiere 23. May 2020


Lukas Bärfuss
Directed by Felicitas Brucker
Premiere 14. September 2019
directed by Martina Droste
Premiere 11. October 2019
Lize Spit
Directed by Heike M. Goetze
Premiere 15. November 2019
Nele Stuhler and Jan Koslowski
Directed by Nele Stuhler and Jan Koslowski
Premiere 06. Dezember 2019
Heiner Müller
Directed by Miloš Lolic
Premiere 24. Januar 2020
Eduard von Keyserling
Directed by Barbara Bürk
Uraufführung 21. February 2020
3 mono dramas by Zsuzsa Bánk, Lars Brandt and Martin Mosebach
Directed by Anselm Weber
Premiere 09. April 2020
Dea Loher
Directed by Susanne Wolff
Premiere 24. April 2020
Directed by Matthias Faltz
Premiere 22. May 2020
Anja Hilling
Directed by Sebastian Schug
Premiere June 2020

Bockenheimer Depot

Fredrik Brattberg
Directed by Kornelius Eich
Premiere 07. September 2019
Bruno Beltrão / Grupo de Rua
Concept and Choreography: Bruno Beltrão
06. September 2019 Ruhrtriennale
13. September 2019 Bockenheimer Depot
Opera by Lucia Ronchetti
Musical Director: Tito Ceccherini    
Directed by Kay Voges, Marcus Lobbes


Carsten Brandau
directed by Andreas Mach
Premiere 22. September 2019
Juli Zeh
Directed by Marie Schwesinger
Premiere 27. Oktober 2019