Photo: Jessica Schäfer
It is the moment that divides life into a before and an after. Suddenly nothing is what it was. Everyday life gets out of hand, the belief in the future fades and all that remains is anger, despair and loneliness; the death of one's own child. Gustav does not return home from a ski trip with his class. After weeks of uncertainty and hope, his parents arrive at the conclusion that Gustav is never coming back. They start looking for a new meaning, for a new life until, one day, someone knocks on their door…
Finding the fine line between the surreal and the realistic, Brattberg uses concise language to observe the emotional state of the parents in their different phases of mourning, with all its repetitions, absurdities and inversions. The piece constantly fluctuates between tragedy and farce, exploring the borders of death and grief in a society oriented towards happiness and success.





Premiere 07. September 2019

1 hour, no intermission