Photo: Jessica Schäfer
A young woman returns to her birthplace after fifteen years. In the trunk of her car is a melting ice block. Her goal is a birthday party at Pim's house. The party has a somewhat darker side. Today, Pim's brother would have turned thirty if he had not taken his own life fifteen years ago. Pim and Laurens, these were the childhood friends of the young woman. The trio have gone through thick and thin until the once innocent games of boys lost their innocence. Fifteen years ago something incredibly cruel happened. Everything started and everything ended, but today she will dictate the rules of the game.
The Belgian Lize Spit has written one of the most sensational debut novels in recent years. With great accuracy and captivating language, she describes an ill fated love triangle.





Premiere 15 November 2019

1 hour 40 minutes, no Intermission

age recommendation: from 14 years