Tomorrow's going to be better. Tomorrow the future will be rosy. Tomorrow we start anew and be famous. But what if this does not happen? What if our plans fail? What becomes of us when others possess greater talent and we succumb to the pressure? What if the fear becomes too great and panic overcomes us? What if we are one step away from the abyss and failure seems inevitable? Seven actors seek happiness and success in the spotlight. They are »ready to start«. Before them lies a long struggle, the power of chance, fear, doubts in one's ability, the competition between one another and the question of how, against all odds, they will make it on the stage. Even though not all predictions will be positive, every feeling, every crisis and every glimmer of hope is transformed into a wonderful song.

Premiere 22 May 2020
Matthias Faltz

Musical direction
Günter Lehr

Ekaterina Khmara

Lukas Schmelmer