Photo: Thomas Aurin
Orestes tries to get away but can’t escape. Violence generates more violence, affecting everyone. His father sacrificed his daughter Iphigenia to ensure victory for the Greeks over Troy. His mother then murdered his father and Orestes revenged his father by killing his mother. He is now being hunted by the Erinyes who want vengeance for his mother's murder. But how to escape when everyone is out for revenge, when everyone is guilty? Is any action possible without fault or blame?
In archaic and mythological images Aeschylus describes the incessant, cruel cycle of suffering which can only be halted by divine intervention. Athena appeals to the people to stop the war through the establishment of a legal order. She initiates voting, sets up a democracy and in the end, allows Orestes to go free. This is the oldest trilogy from ancient Greece dating back to 458 BC.





Premiere 22 February 2020

3 hours 15 minutes, one intermission