A daughter from a good family. An idea of a successful life. The freedom to take a job, to reinvent oneself but is it her own idea or one gleaned from outside influences? Whose ideas do we follow when we develop our self-image? What limits determine our existence, our gender and our desires? Inspired by Arthur Rimbaud's »Illuminations«, Anja Hilling develops an iridescent drama. Childhood memories alternate with scenes of a young professional, pictures of a bustling city are intertwined with moments of absolute solitude. Anja Hilling condenses snapshots of the present into a furious search for: Luck? Pain? Love? God? Freedom? Oh no no no ...
Anja Hilling is a poet among contemporary playwrights. Her language is dense and demanding, abundant in images, full of allusions and references and extremely rhythmic.
Sebastian Schug