Photo: Arno Declair
Hugo von Hofmannsthal's play »Jedermann« is an institution in European Theatre. It has been performed annually at the Salzburg Festival since 1920. The young Austrian dramatist Ferdinand Schmalz re-wrote the original and it premièred in 2018 at the Burgtheater. His new version frees it from the restrictive morality of the medieval mystery play with a playful use of language and a broadening of the varying conflicts contained within by incorporating today's social problems. Thereby, the piece is transported into the modern day. His »Everyman« is an autocratic banker, the times are hard, bleak and godless. Money rules the world, replacing religion. There is rioting on the streets, but »Everyman« wants to celebrate in his private garden with his guests, one of whom is Death. When the manager swears that he is approaching death, he asks for postponent. But like every man he is mortal and his money will not be able to save him.





Premiere 31 January 2020

2 hours 10 minutes, without intermission