Alone in the woods having strayed from the path; a human at his lowest ebb. That’s the beginning of Dante's »Inferno«; a nightmare of one's own life. In the circles of Hell, Dante encounters enemies and companions. Excess, greed and betrayal have brought them here. With tremendous poetic power, Dante draws a vivid picture of the horrors of Hell, which are all the more frightening as they resemble the barbarism of this world.

Dante's three-part Divine Comedy has influenced European cultural history like no other work. Deeply anchored in Italy's cultural memory, its reception in Germany has been more problematic. The text seems too puzzling with too many political allusions. The Italian composer Lucia Ronchetti, has taken on »Inferno«and composed an opera for both actors and singers. Heavily influenced by wind and percussion instruments, she invents a spectacular sound scape for Dante's hellish circles.
Bockenheimer Depot

Premiere 27 June 2021
Musical Director
Tito Ceccherini

Marcus Lobbes

Kay Voges

Video art
Robi Voigt

Stage Design
Pia Maria Mackert

Mona Ulrich

Light Design, Director of Photography
Voxi Bärenklau

Konrad Kuhn, Ursula Thinnes

Sebastian Kuschmann (Dante)
Jan Jakub Monowid, Matthew Swensen, Frederic Mörth, Eric Ander (Dante's inner voice)
Karolina Makuła (Francesca)
Alexander Kravets (Ulisse)
Alfred Reiter, Frederic Mörth, Matthew Swensen (Lucifero)
Frank Albrecht (Charon, Ugolino, Gheradesca)
Ralf Drexler (Minos, Brunetto Latini)
Florian Mania (Filippo Argenti, Alessio Interminei)
Andreas Vögler (Calavcante de Calavcanti, Vanni Fucci)
Anna Kubin (Pier delle Vigne)
Julie Grutzka, Johanna Greulich, Hana Holodňáková, Ipeleng Kgatla; Carmen Artaza, Judith Beifuß, Martha Jordan, Maria Zibert; Francisco Huerta, Tianji Lin, Ke An, Jonas Boy; Andreas Drescher, Alexander Winn, Sunghwan Kim, NN (Vocal ensemble)
Eric Schumann, Ken Schumann, Liisa Randalu, Mark Schumann (Schumannquartett)
Frankfurter Opern- und Museumsorchester