Photo: Felix Grünschloß
We are diverse, multicultural, inclusive and radically integrated. Today, we dream of the home for tomorrow. We are the new Germans who live the German Dream. We perform theatre for integration, theatre with integration, theatre through integration, theatre in integration, theatre against integration.
Young people with different world views, different feelings of belonging and different orientations are willing to participate in developing the social strata of Germany. What is desirable, what is outrageous? Our home is construed as a space of longing, security, anxiety, childhood memories and nightmares, an ideological space. When does our love to our country turn into nationalism? What is identity?




Premiere 11 October 2019

80 minutes, no intermission
Director and Concept
Martina Droste

Aleksandra Maria Ścibor

Stage Design and Costumes
Michaela Kratzer

Saba-Nur Cheema

Ole Schmidt

Sven Beck, Luka Buchele, Tara El Zaher, Schlomo Ettling, Carlotta Gemünd, Tina Herchenröther, Can Hormann, Milad Nazari, Annika Neebe, Rezvan Rezai, Sofia Troplini, Rhoda Zündorf