How do we want to live? Who is this »we«? Here, today, tomorrow, in »our« city? Since 2017, 180 students from over 25 districts of Frankfurt along with ten artists and nine teachers have explored these questions. Over the past 3 years, »All Our Futures« have developed choreographies, written texts, performed and made music, created sculptures, built installations and much more as part of a large project at the Schauspiel Frankfurt. They have become actors in their own realities. With »Die Gründung«, this process culminates on stage in the Schauspielhaus. Together with the youngsters, director Jessica Glause and author Tina Müller have developed a theatrical vision of the future in our city.
Jessica Glause

Stage Design
Jil Bertermann

Mai Gogishvili

Benedikt Brachtel

Alexander Leiffheidt, Martina Droste

den Teilnehmer_innen des kulturellen Bildungsprojekts »All Our Futures«, Susanne Buchenberger