Photo: Birgit Hupfeld
The world in which the foreman John lives is hollow, it spins on the edge of the abyss. Its inhabitants are lost. A run down theatre director, his sick wife, a drug addicted actress, a poor student and his lover and at the centre of this world, the childless Mrs. John and her husband. A child would make their lives better, fulfilled. Piperkarcka is a stranger and an outcast. She becomes pregnant but cannot keep the child. Its future looks bleak so Mrs. John offers her some money and raises the child as her own. Piperkarcka cannot console herself with the choice she has made and thus begins an unconditional struggle, not only for the child but for the right to a future and for hope in a threatened world.

Gerhart Hauptmann's famous tragicomedy was written on the eve of the First World War. An expressionistic city vision on the one hand, and a semi-analytical social drama on the other, he tells a story of people under pressure in inhumane conditions. Felicitas Brucker, who is working in Frankfurt for the first time, gives her production a modern twist and attempts to find happiness in a universally threatened world.





Premiere 06 September 2019

2 hours, no intermission
Felicitas Brucker

Dirk Thiele Galizia

Irene Ip

Philipp Weber

Alexander Leiffheidt

Sebastian Kuschmann (Harro Hassenreuther)
Katharina Linder (Frau Hassenreuter)
Altine Emini (Walburga)
Peter Schröder (Pastor Spitta)
Samuel Simon (Erich Spitta)
Andreas Vögler (Herr John)
Patrycia Ziolkowska (Frau John)
Fridolin Sandmeyer (Bruno Mechelke)
Sarah Grunert (Pauline Piperkarcka)
Friederike Ott (Alice Knobbe)
Kristin Alia Hunold (Selma)
Christoph Pütthoff (Quaquaro)
und Philipp Weber (Live-Musik)