In the heart of São Paulo lies the Praça Roosevelt. A constant and ever worsening decline is the hallmark of this ugly place. Brothels, pubs, a bingo hall, a tailor's shop and a weapons factory, together with the local drug dealers, form an idiosyncratic mix. In the midst of this tension rich social network, different realities collide.
Dea Loher is a much revered contemporary dramatist. She researched her piece on location in Brazil's financial centre. The result is an impressive tableau of tragic, absurd and obscure encounters. In the face of precarious working and living conditions and physical and mental decay, there is a strong cohesion between the people. They fight for their survival, driven by their dreams and look to the future with a mixture of fear and hope.

Premiere 24 April 2020
Susanne Wolff

Katja Herlemann