Photo: Robert Schittko
The future. In 10, 50, maybe 100 years »The Method« has prevailed. Everything has been optimised, the physical integrity of human beings has reached its peak. Everyone follows a strict dietary and social rules and devastating diseases are largely history. A promising utopia? Or a totalitarian system in which it is a revolutionary act to claim the right to be ill? Who owns the body? Where does the freedom of the individual end when health promises a collective happiness? Juli Zeh's hit novel has been condensed for the stage. It has been reduced to the two central perspectives: on the one hand the young biologist Mia Holl, who due to sadness and empathy has become alienated from the »The Method« and thus poses a social risk, on the other hand, the journalist Heinrich Kramer, who represents the official position. Relentless, overriding and violent, committed only to the welfare of the collective. Whose side are we on? How do we want to live?




Premiere 27 October 2019

one hour, no break
Marie Schwesinger

Stage Design
Martin Holzhauer, Martina Suchanek

Camilo Bornstein

Ursula Thinnes

Julia Pitsch (Mia Holl)
Simon Schwan (Heinrich Kramer)
Samuel Simon (Moritz' voice)