Photo: Robert Schittko
Full of expectations, the young Lieutenant Karl Erdmann von Wallbaum-West returns to his parents' country estate to spend the summer there. His thoughts revolve around Daniela von Bardow, friend of the family and the centre of society. But nothing seems to shake Karl Erdmann's carelessness, not even the prospect of an imminent duel. This seems to make him rather interesting to Daniela, whose favour he is trying to gain.
2018 marked the centenary of Eduard von Keyserling's death. He deftly dissects a society full of decadence. Similar to the overripe fruit, which Keyserling vividly describes, it is lazy and soft, without core and substance. The approaching demise in this microcosm which seeks in vain to isolate itself from the outside world is obvious and is perfectly described by Keyserling. Barbara Bürk adapts this atmospherically dense for the stage.





Premiere 21 February 2020

1 hour 40 minutes, no intermission