Two monsters live at the foot of a huge, indomitable mountain. One sees the sun rise and the other the sun set. Everyone is happy with his side of the mountain. The two monsters cannot see each other but they can talk through a hole in the mountain. They speak of their everyday, monster lives from karate to gymnastics. Monsters have a lot of energy! »The day is over,« says one at some point. »Do not talk nonsense, you idiot, the night is coming,« replies the other. This small disagreement is the beginning of a big fight leading to huge boulders being throw over the mountain. Written by the British children's book author and illustrator David McKee, »Two Monsters« is wonderful parable about dispute and understanding. In 1987 he received the German Youth Literature Prize.



Andreas Mach

Stage Design
Martin Holzhauer

Martina Suchanek

Judith Kurz

Eva Bühnen, Laura Teiwes