Only man knows that he forgets. Forgetting and remembering are necessary components of learning. In cooperation with the Historisches Museum Frankfurt and with the help of the exhibition »Forgetting - why we do not remember everything«, the Junge Schauspiel are forgetting and remembering. What would I like to remember? What must be forgotten? What influence does the collective handling of remembrance have in our society? How does prioritising and selecting memories work? This generation of »Digital Natives« is like no other that has gone before. They have a huge capacity for digital memory but being forgotten is now a right that has to be fought for. What can I be allowed to forget? The youth club project is being developed in cooperation with the Historisches Museum Frankfurt.


Historisches Museum Frankfurt

Premiere 26 April 2019
Director and Concept
Philipp Boos, Martina Droste

Joanna Paszkiewicz