Photo: Thomas Aurin
Things will get better in the new »Safe City« district. A digital high-speed network for habitation is planned, with 24-hour security monitoring and smart, energy-efficient homes. But on the day the the foundation stone is laid, Ismaël, an eleven-year-old boy, disappears in the poorest part of the city. Has he been mistreated by the police? Does his mother have something to do with the disappearance or has the boy become a political plaything? Real estate investors, policemen, journalists and politicians seem to know more than they admit but they keep quiet. Meanwhile, as protests break out in the streets and one shit storm after the other sweeps through the internet, one question becomes more and more urgent, where is Ismaël? Eric de Vroedt's Dutch-acclaimed drama »The Nation« has brought Netflix or HBO's serial format to the stage. An exciting political thriller for the theatre that, step by step, encompasses an ever increasing number of contemporary conflicts. All six parts will be shown over two days.





Premiere 29 March 2019
David Bösch

Stage Design
Patrick Bannwart, Larissa Kramarek

Moana Stemberger

Bert Zander

Karsten Riedel

Alexander Leiffheidt

Heiko Raulin (Martin Wolff / Thomas Sörensen)
Sebastian Kuschmann (Mark van Ommeren / John Landschot)
Altine Emini (Ludmilla Bratusek / Stefanie Müller)
Shenja Lacher (David Wilzen / Jörg van der Poot / Clown)
Samuel Simon (Damir Ahmedovic / officer)
Dela Dabulamanzi (Mariam Traoré)
Claude De Demo (Sabine Kuypers / Hester Keursma / Neele Tromp)
Uwe Zerwer (Alexander Aschenbach / Bram Geissen / Robert Ackermann)
Heidi Ecks (Ida Aschenbach / lawyer /Tina Toorenburg)
André Meyer (the bear)
Ramin Yazdani (Sadik Babacan / Adem Ahmedovic)
Eray Eğilmez (Stefan Bavert)
Saeed Queadruogo / Sophonias Amanueol (Ismael Ahmedovic)
Benjamin Lüdtke (Live-Video)