Photo: Jessica Schäfer
With penetrating, precise language, Falk Richter writes theatrical texts of exacting relevance, which express the attitude towards life of an entire generation. »Rausch« is a piece about the longing for an inclusive life in times of all-encompassing uncertainty. The financial crisis, the European crisis, a decline in our values. In our world of constant evaluation and self-optimisation, dissatisfaction has spread throughout our lives, affecting even love and marriage. In search of the emotions that give meaning to our lives, we perfect our own profile in social networks and market only the most attractive aspects of our personality but our fears and dark secrets are reserved for the offline world. When can we be certain that we have found love? After every heavy night out disillusionment inevitably occurs. The hangover. And then the hard work on relationships and on ourselves begins.




Bockenheimer Depot

Premiere 03 May 2019
Rüdiger Pape

Stage Design and Costumes
Valentin Köhler

Raimund Gross

Laura Hicks

Judith Kurz

Eva Bühnen, David Campling, Andreas Gießer, Katharina Kurschat, Julian Melcher, Julia Staufer, Laura Teiwes, and Raimund Gross (Live Music)