Photo: Arno Declair
Yank knows that those who work on the very bottom rung of the ladder, in the engine room of the huge ship, are the most important. Nothing moves without their strength and Yank is the strongest of the strong. A ruler, a boss. He has little interest in those who sun themselves on the upper decks but in the eyes of these people he is nothing more than an intimidating, low-born animal. How can this be? Is his work so menial? Why does he have so much pride? Why is he entitled to it? Yank leaves his men and his machine, his home and 'himself' behind. He goes out into the world looking to fill the void he has created, for meaning or at least an enemy but he finds nothing. Eugene O'Neill's drama, in the guise of Yank, tells of the violence of the excluded, of the contempt they experience, and how their anger can simultaneously spread in all directions. In Clemens Meyer's powerful new translation and under the directorship of Thomas Dannemann, this provides a provocative and political review of our time.





Premiere 07. September 2018