Photo: Thomas Aurin
The world is divided. On one side of the wall are the Capulets, on the other the Montagues. Violence prevails on both sides. Every encounter leads to injury or death. Why does Romeo, son of Montague house, fall in love with Juliet, the daughter of Lady Capulet? Is it the mortal danger of this love that draws them together? Father Lorenzo performs a secret wedding ceremony but after just one night, Romeo kills Juliet's cousin Tybalt and has to flee. Juliet's mother works manically to marry her off to a rival leaving her very few options. Escape? Death? Or both?
Marius von Mayenburg uses the fascination of love and death to tell Shakespeare's famous tragedy. The relentlessness of the violence takes on a sensual form through »the Wall« designed by Stéphane Laimé. The audience has to choose which side of the wall they are on…




Frankfurt Premiere 19 January 2018