On the 30th July 1977, the spokesman for the board of the Dresdner Bank, Jürgen Ponto, was shot dead in his house in Oberursel by members of the RAF (Red Army Faction). Among the terrorists was Susanne Albrecht, the daughter of a friend. Only through this personal acquaintance with the Pontos was it possible for the terrorists to meet their victim so easily. For both families, the traumatic experience of this day was life changing. 35 years later Corinna Ponto, the daughter of the victim, and Julia Albrecht, the sister of the assassin, began a cautious correspondence. In letters and meetings they collated their memories to draw a very personal picture of a deed that has inscribed itself into the collective German memory. »Patentöchter« is a dialogue between two actresses which deals with guilt and perpetration, questions the possibility of reconciliation and focuses on the perspective of the victims of the RAF, a perspective that has long been ignored in the public debate. 




Premiere 25 November 2018