Photo: Thomas Aurin
Ministerial director Heiko Braubach runs over a boy who was under the influence of drugs. He feels no guilt but due to the upcoming election, he takes the boy's mother under his wing. Taking care of a nurse who earns minimum wage will look great for the voters! While Braubach tries to clarify this situation, he meets Jerome who is very much to the right of the political spectrum. Jerome sees this as his chance to unleash his political ideals and relishes his potential 15 minutes of fame. With Braubach and Jerome, irreconcilable positions collide. On one side the established, pragmatic politician, on the other a young man full of extreme ideology, fed by disappointment, anger and hatred. Lutz Hübner and Sarah Nemitz are among the most successful authors of our time. In their new play, they explore the question of how democratic values erode our society and how political action compromises everything. A piece that penetrates the nerve of our society.





Premiere 02 November 2018
Anselm Weber

Stage Design
Lydia Merkel

Irina Bartels

Thomas Osterhoff

Fight Choreography
René Lay

Ursula Thinnes

Dietmar Bär, Katharina Linder, Fridolin Sandmeyer