Photo: Jessica Schäfer
How can a mother protect her son who has voluntarily gone to war? Can she do anything but hope and wait? What if the news of his death is already on its way to her? Ora decides to flee. Unreachable, she protects her son Ofer by harbouring him in her memories and in her love. She seeks out Ofer's father Avram, who is also a victim of the war and could never be a proper father. Together they travel along the boarders of their country and Ora tells us about her love, anger and life in a land of hope and violence. David Grossman, whose son Uri was killed in Lebanon in 2006, describes in his work as an existential entanglement of life and politics, mixed with the seemingly incurable wounds of the Middle East conflict and the possibility of the hope for peace. With Ora, he has created one of the most fascinating female figures in modern literature.





Premiere 11 January 2019
Jessica Glause

Stage Design
Mai Gogishvili

Hugo Holger Schneider

Joe Masi

Alexander Leiffheidt

Eva Bühnen (Ora / soldier)
Altine Emini (Ora)
Christina Geiße (Ora / soldier)
Sarah Grunert (Ora)
Matthias Redlhammer (Avram)
David Campling (Ofer, Ilan)