Photo: Christian Schuller
In December 1958, Peter Weiss' mother died. His father succumbed shortly afterwards. Although his relationship was characterised by constant arguments, especially with his dominant mother, Weiss suffered immensely with the loss. What followed was a severe depression, a life crisis, marked by feelings of alienation and not belonging, which eventually led to a confrontation with himself. Weiss came to the conclusion that only through conscious and analytical work of one's past was it possible to emancipate and to re-create oneself. During this time, »Abschied von den Eltern« was born. The autobiographical narrative is about the magic and the depths of childhood, the painful processes of growing up and the search for a life with its own artistic personality. It is a piece of about self-liberation and at the same time a critical view of the conservative bourgeoisie which existed during the middle of the 20th century. This is why »Abschied von den Eltern« became an important work for the youth protest movement of 1968.



Premiere 30 September 2018
Sat 17.10.2020 20.00 – 21.30
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Sun 22.11.2020 18.00 – 19.30
Kornelius Eich

Stage Design
Loriana Casagrande

Mareike Wehrmann

Judith Kurz

Peter Schröder