Photo: Birgit Hupfeld
»Peer, you're lying!« Ibsen's dramatic poem about the dreamer and fantasist Peer Gynt begins with a tale of a breakneck ride on a reindeer. With such lies and stories he has endeavoured to escape reality all of his life. Driven by youthful curiosity, Gynt moves into the distance and embarks on a long hike. A journey that takes us from adolescence to almost death. A Nordic epic. His journey ends where it started, at the door of his childhood sweetheart, Solveig. As an aged man, who is close to death, he realises that it is impossible for him to grasp his own essence, his innermost being. And the question remains, »What does it mean to 'be yourself'?« With »Peer Gynt« Henrik Ibsen developed the drama of modern man in 1867. It questions the possibilities of human self-knowledge in a formula which is valid for today's society.





Premiere 18 May 2019
Andreas Kriegenburg

Stage Design
Harald B. Thor

Andrea Schraad

Volker Bürger

Max Simonischek
Katharina Linder (Aase, his mother)
Sarah Grunert (Solveig / doctor / young girl / troll / Arab girl / patient)
Paula Hans (Nurse / doctor / young girl / Ingrid, daughter of Hägstadtbauern / dairymaid / troll / Anitra / patient / ship's crew / villager)
Friederike Ott (patient / farmer's wife / doctor / young girl / dairy / the Green, daughter of the troll king / Arab girl / patient / ship cook / villager)
Melanie Straub (nurse / farmer's wife / doctor / young girl / mother Moen / dairymaid / troll / the crooked, one voice in the dark / Arab girl / stranger passenger (the crooked) / villager / the lean one (the crooked))
Sebastian Reiß (Peer's father / docotr / young man / Solveig's father / troll king / Monsieur Ballon / Arabian man / Dr. Begriffenfeld, madhouse director / captain / villager / troll king)
Florian Mania (chief physician / doctor / Aslak, a blacksmith / troll / Master Cotton / Arab man / patient)
Christoph Pütthoff (patient / doctor / young man / troll / von Eberkopf / Arab man / ship's crew / villager / button maker)
Fridolin Sandmeyer (caregiver / doctor / young man / cook / troll / receiver / Mr Schreibfeder / boatman/ villager)
Nils Kreutinger (caregiver / doctor / young man / Mads Moen / troll / ship's crew)
Andreas Tillmann (Peer Gynt in bed)