Photo: Jessica Schäfer
»When I was young, everything was different.« This sentence is uttered by parents and grandparents all over the world. When do things change and who decides what will change? Which events, which fights are significant? Being young means being in transition all the time. Changes are movement, triggering other movements. An inclusive youth ensemble will discover meaningful experiences through stories of upheaval caused by migration and use them as a basis for their own scope of movement. We search for eruptive, sometimes shocking and unsettling forces and the potential they hold but are we ready for the consequences? For the first time, the embodiment artist, dancer and choreographer Aleksandra Maria Scibor and the theatre pedagogue, director and Feldenkrais teacher Martina Droste are working together with young People from different backgrounds and experiences.




Premiere 08 December 2018
Director and Concept
Martina Droste

Choreography and Concept
Aleksandra Maria Ścibor

Stage Design and Costumes
Michaela Kratzer

Sound Design
Ole Schmidt

Selin Ergün, Sophie Felauer, Julika Frieß, Felicitas Einsporn, Julian Gessner, Till Hamster, Leon Kasili, Milad Nazari, Rezvan Rezai, Benedict Scheu, Berenike Vogt, Jakob Zeisberger