Photo: Felix Grünschloß
»You can kill a person with an apartment just as good as with an axe«, wrote the Berlin draughtsman Heinrich Zille at the beginning of the 20th century. How we live determines to a large extent who we are. An apartment is our home port, private retreat and shelter. Are we still aware that the housing problem is still a volatile political question or have we come to terms with gentrification and the  housing bubble? The fight for housing is not in sight for the time being but how has the space in which we live changed since the end of the war? Jan Neumann takes a model Frankfurt apartment as the starting point for his research, with the inhabitants marking various stages of social upheaval. In the end, all that remains in this place is dust. Dirt in the cracks of the floorboards, compressed for decades provides a connecting element that we all breathe, an element to which everything becomes.





Premiere 29 September 2018