Gerhart Hauptmann
Director: Felicitas Brucker
Premiere 06 September 2019
A Nick Cave evening with text and music by Katharina Bach and band aka bitchboy
Premiere 13 September 2019
Henrik Ibsen
Director: Roger Vontobel
Premiere 12 October 2019
Cornelia Funke
Director: Rüdiger Pape
Reproduction 10 November 2019
Jean-Paul Sartre
Director: Johanna Wehner
Premiere 30 November 2019
Ferdinand Schmalz
Director: Jan Bosse
Premiere 31 January 2020
Director: Jan-Christoph Gockel
Premiere 22 February 2020
John Steinbeck
Director: Roger Vontobel
Premiere 27 March 2020
Tina Müller
Director: Jessica Glause
Premiere 25 April 2020
William Shakespeare
Director: David Bösch
Premiere 23 May 2020


Fredrik Brattberg
Director: Kornelius Eich
Premiere 07. September 2019
Concept and director: Martina Droste
Inclusive youth Performance Project
from 14 years

Premiere 11 October 2019
Lize Spit
Director: Marlene Anna Schäfer
Premiere 15 November 2019
Nele Stuhler and Jan Koslowski
Director: Nele Stuhler and Jan Koslowski
Premiere 06 December 2019
Heiner Müller
Director: Miloš Lolic
Premiere 24 January 2020
Eduard von Keyserling
Director: Barbara Bürk
Premiere 21 February 2020
3 mono dramas by Zsuzsa Bánk, Lars Brandt and Martin Mosebach
Director: Anselm Weber
Premiere 09 April 2020
Dea Loher
Director: Susanne Wolff
Premiere 24 April 2020
Director: Matthias Faltz
Premiere 22 May 2020
Anja Hilling
Director: Sebastian Schug
Premiere June 2020

Bockenheimer Depot

Opera by Lucia Ronchetti
Musical Director: Tito Ceccherini    
Director: Kay Voges, Marcus Lobbes
Premiere 18 April 2020


Carsten Brandau
Director: Andreas Mach
Premiere 22 September 2019
Juli Zeh
Director: Marie Schwesinger
Premiere 27 October 2019