William Shakespeare
Director: David Bösch
Premiere 11 September 2020
after Klaus Mann
Director: Claudia Bauer
Premiere 3rd October 2020
by Max Frisch
Director: David Bösch
Premiere 9 October 2020
after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Director: Lisa Nielebock
Premiere 7 November 2020
Script: Tina Müller
Director: Jessica Glause
Premiere Fall 2020
by Jacopo Godani
The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company
Premiere 10 December 2020
Witold Gombrowicz
directed by Mateja Koležnik

Premiere 16 Januar 2021
by Thomas Bernhard
Director: Herbert Fritsch
Premiere 13 February 2021
Director and choreographer: Saar Magal
World premiere 25 March 2021
after Joseph Roth
Director: Johanna Wehner
Premiere 23rd April 2021
by Arthur Miller
Director: Laura Linnebaum
Premiere 28 May 2021
John Steinbeck
Director: Roger Vontobel


by Martin Mosebach, Lars Brandt, Zsusza Bánk
Director: Anselm Weber, Kornelius Eich
World premiere 13 September 2020
by Else Lasker-Schüler
Director: Christina Tscharyiski
Premiere 2nd October 2020
Youth theatre project based on Bertolt Brecht
from 14 years
Concept and production: Martina Droste
Premiere 30 October 2020
A play development by Alexander Eisenach
Director: Alexander Eisenach
World premiere 20 November 2020
by Michel Decar
Director: Robert Gerloff
World premiere 4 December 2020
by Miroslava Svolikova
Director: Jessica Glause
World premiere 5 February 2021
A play development by Nuran David Calis
World premiere 26 March 2021
by Thomas Melle
Director: Anne Bader
Premiere 30 April 2021
after Ingeborg Bachmann
Director: Lilja Rupprecht
Premiere 11 June 2021

Bockenheimer Depot

by Sarah Kane
Director: Robert Borgmann
Premiere 12 September 2020
by and with the Nature Theater of Oklahoma
World premiere 28 January 2021
Opera by Lucia Ronchetti
Musical Director: Tito Ceccherini    
Director: Marcus Lobbes, Kay Voges
Premiere 27 June 2021

Box / Other venues

A Heine-Sketch by Regina Wenig
Director: Regina Wenig
from 14 years
Premiere 20 September 2020
Youth Performance Project
from 14 years
Concept and production: Martina Droste und Anna Stoß
Premiere January 2021
by Marcus Youssef
from 12 years
Director: Angel Krastev
Premiere 24 January 2021
Mask performance of the youth club
from 14 years
Concept and production: Anna Stoß
Premiere June 2021